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 Application - Lord_Luthor

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PostSubject: Application - Lord_Luthor   Application - Lord_Luthor Empty12/1/2009, 20:04

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Travian Name: Lord_Luthor

Link to your player profile: http://s5.travian.com/spieler.php?uid=99196

Current and past alliances (if any): Was in Goonsec, leaders went inactive and group is disbaning.

Any players that are currently attacking you: my second village was attacked twice by player Hero, but nothing serious.

Name of Tygr player that recommended you (if any):

Define your playing style: I try to maintain a good balance of economic and military power which keeps me ahead of everyone in my 7x7.

State your planned activity level in our forums: I am an active and social player and will check the forums daily unless I am out of town in which I would make known and find a sitter beforehand.

Why do you want to join Tygr alliance: Tyger is obviously a well organized and powerful alliance in the game and I hope align myself with them in hopes to
contribute to their success as well as receive protection, which would ultimately lead to an overall fun experience in travian.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Lord_Luthor   Application - Lord_Luthor Empty12/1/2009, 22:33

We are moving into a new forum. We might consider you. You will have to wait for a while. We will inform you about the new Forum.

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Application - Lord_Luthor
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