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 Application- Kiki

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PostSubject: Application- Kiki   Application- Kiki Empty7/1/2009, 20:03

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Travian Name: Kiki
Link to your player profile: http://s5.travian.com/spieler.php?uid=36261
Current and past alliances (if any): Currently the recruiter for ~DU~
Any players that are currently attacking you: I was attacked yesterday by BLU3. Before that I hadn't been attacked in about a week and a half.
Name of Tygr player that recommended you (if any):
Define your playing style: I am a defensive player. When getting attacked I send my troops and resources away as much as possible. I also try to help other players whenever I can with reins, Resources, and advice.
State your planned activity level in our forums: I am an active and social player and will probably check the forums daily.
Why do you want to join Tygr alliance: As you may know, ~DU~ is in the process of disbanding. Tyger seems like a committed and loyal alliance and has caught my attention. I know my location isn't in the NE quadrant but it's pretty close (-44|136). I'm on my way to making a third village and can place it wherever you like.

I have read and agree to follow all of the rules posted in the Membership RULES post. I understand that the rules may change from time to time. I also understand that to stay a member of Tygr, I am expected to stay active in game and to visit these forums regularly. I have already constructed a marketplace and an embassy in my village.
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PostSubject: Re: Application- Kiki   Application- Kiki Empty10/1/2009, 18:10

You are a bit far from us and being farmed by Ronin SW.

I need to know what the others think.
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Application- Kiki
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