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 Application Process

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PostSubject: Application Process   Application Process Empty26/12/2008, 20:54

To apply for membership, you MUST follow these directions

In order to apply for membership in Tyger, you must follow these directions:

1. Read the rules page to find out more about what is required of you and what you will get out of Tygr.

2. IF you agree to all of the rules, then please create an account and activate it.

3. Log in using new account and create a new topic in the recruitment forum.

4. Before applying, make sure that you have constructed an embassy and a marketplace.

5. Make the subject of your message as follows:

Application - [yourtravianname]

6. Fill in the template in the New Post window.

The following agreement is automatically entered into the new topic for you. Creating the post means that you accept the agreement.

I have read and agree to follow all of the rules posted in the Membership RULES post. I understand that the rules may change from time to time. I also understand that to stay a member of Tygr, I am expected to stay active in game and to visit these forums regularly. I have already constructed a marketplace and an embassy in my village.

The New Post window also contains the following text already entered for you:

Code: Select all
Travian Name:
Link to your player profile:
Current and past alliances (if any):
Any players that are currently attacking you:
Name of Tygr player that recommended you (if any):
Define your playing style:
State your planned activity level in our forums:
Why do you want to join Tygr alliance:

All you have to do is type your information, highlight new information and chose red font from tools above.

7. Wait for a reply. You will be notified by in game message and by private message in these forums. Our Council votes on all new members, so it can take up to a day to hear about your membership. Please be patient. Posting extra times will not help you get in any quicker and may actually disqualify you.

Also, please be truthful in your application, especially about past alliances and anyone that is attacking you. If we accept you and then find out you were not truthful about these, you will be removed from the alliance.

We will keep this thread clean. Any posts other than those asking for membership will be deleted. Once players are accepted or rejected for membership, their post will be deleted.

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Application Process
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