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New Members

1. Applicants to Tyger must meet the following conditions:

* Be larger than 100 population
* Be in the NE quadrant
* Have a marketplace and an embassy prior to applying
* Not be a farm or under regular attacks
* Sign up for a regular (not guest) account in our forums
* Read and agree to follow all posted Tygr rules and Travian rules
* Post an application in the Apply for Membership forum that contains all the information requested and is accurate

2. Applicants who do not meet the requirements or who apply using inaccurate or false information will not be accepted. If Tygr determines that information on an application is false after a player is accepted into Tygr, that player will be immediately dismissed from the alliance.

3. Approval of new alliance members is at the discretion of the current Membership Leader. In questionable cases, the current Membership Leader may call for a vote of the Round Table. After information in an applicant's application is verified, a 24-hour waiting period is enacted during which any current alliance member can voice objections.

4. When a player is accepted into the alliance, an invitation is sent to the division decided on by the current Membership Leader. Within 24 hours, the player must perform the following actions:

* Inform wing leader of troop counts upon request's.
* Let the Membership Leader know who their sitters are or ask in the forums for a sitter if they do not already have one (see #8 below).
* Let the Membership Leader know what alliance role they will fulfill (see #6 below).
* Accept the invitation.

5. After a player performs the actions listed in #4, access to alliance forums is granted. If the player does not perform these actions within 24 hours, membership may be revoked.


6. All members are required to participate in the alliance. You must participate by fulfilling at least one of the following roles:

* Offense. Maintain an offensive army of the designated size and participate in attacks when ordered. To be an Offense player, you need to already have a well-developed cropper and large army. If your cropper does not have crop fields developed to at least 5 and you do not have at least a 1k crop army, this role is not an option for you.
* Defense. Maintain a defensive army of the designated size and aid in the defense of fellow alliance members when ordered. You should maintain at least 100 crops of defensive troops per village at all times (though the troops can be stationed at any village) and be willing to reinforce whenever an order is given. You should also have at least one cropper that is dedicated to producing defensive troops.
* Support the alliance with requests for resources if needed in times of need.
* Leadership. Some leadership positions require sufficient effort to be considered in lieu of other types of participation. However, this is decided on a case by case basis and most leaders also perform one of the three primary functions.

7. Filling one of these roles is mandatory, not optional. If you are not willing or able to fill one of the roles listed in #6, you have no place in Tygr. You will let the current Membership Leader know what role you will fill (except for the Leadership role, which is by invitation only).

8. In addition to fulfilling one of the roles listed in #6, you must also participate in all of the following ways:

* Fake Attacks. All players must keep enough cheap infantry units to participate in all fake attacks (1-unit attacks) when ordered. All players must send fake attacks when ordered.
* WW Activity. All players must begin building new villages in our designated WW area. You can come to our forums to learn more and to claim a spot. All WW villages should be build for defensive troops and maximum resource production only.
* In-Game Activity. All players must remain active in game. One yellow dot may be excused if there is a valid reason (such as a sitter problem). Red dots are not permissible. You should also respond to in-game messages (IGMs) when a member of the leadership sends you one. You are not required to respond to mass messages (MMs) unless the message asks you to respond.
* Forums. All players are required to keep up with the forums. We understand that some people don't like to post much. That is okay. But players should visit the forums to read important information regularly.
* Sitter. All players are required to have at least one sitter. It is preferable, but not required, that sitters also be members of the Tygr alliance. All players are required to send the name of their sitter to the Membership Leader.

9. Tygr enforces participation using a three strike method. Three strikes against a player results in that player's dismissal from the alliance. You may get a strike against you for any of the following reasons:

* Fail to send fake attacks by any player.
* Fail send a regular attack by an Offense player.
* Fail to send reinforcements by a Defense player.
* Allow your dot to go yellow in game (unless you can prove it's a sitter problem)
* Allow your dot to go red in game
* Allow one week to pass without visiting the forum (you don't have to post - just visit and catch up).
* Violation of the Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement
* Permission must be sought before engaging any member of an alliance with one or more wings ranked 50 and above.
* It is your responsibility to know and keep updated of alliance relations; war, confed/nap, support.
* Confeds and NAPs are strictly off-limits. If you have been aggressed upon, you are not to retaliate without leadership endorsement.
* You are expected to bear the cost of reimbursement to affected parties arising from your mistakes. You may receive help, but do not expect it.
* Be polite and respectful in your exchange with other players. Wearing the alliance tag means you represent all of us. If you are uncomfortable with this, refer it to those whose job it is to do so.


10. Members who get three strikes against them (see #9) will be dismissed from the alliance.

11. Members who fail to follow the rules of the Tygr alliance will be dismissed from the alliance.

12. Members who fail to follow the general Rules of Travian will be dismissed from the alliance.

13. Members who are banned in Travian are considered suspended from the alliance and the following measures are taken:

1. Forum user accounts are temporarily deactivated. No posts are affected and the player will not have to register.
2. When the ban is lifted, players should send an in game message to a member of the council explaining the purpose for the ban. The members of the leadership will decide whether the player should continue in the alliance.
3. Players that are banned permanently will be dismissed from the alliance.

14. When a player is dismissed from the alliance and access to alliance forums is also revoked.

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Membership Rules
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