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 Application - PinkysBrain

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PostSubject: Application - PinkysBrain   Application - PinkysBrain Empty12/12/2008, 22:27

Travian Name: PinkysBrain

Link to your player profile: http://s5.travian.com/spieler.php?uid=103848

Current and past alliances (if any): None. I am new to s5.

Any players that are currently attacking you: No attackers at this time. The only incoming still in my report history was a failed scouting attempt by mule12

Name of Tygr player that recommended you (if any): Dark Prince

Define your playing style: I played on s6 this year. I did not have a 15 crop capital, so I provided defensive support, and I crop locked enemy 6 crop villages. On s5, I settled a 15 crop village this week and intend to use it to build a large offensive army.

State your planned activity level in our forums: I plan to read the forums about once a day

Why do you want to join Tygr alliance: Tygr appears to be the strongest alliance with a presence in my area (211, 227).
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PostSubject: Re: Application - PinkysBrain   Application - PinkysBrain Empty12/12/2008, 22:31

Very active player and aggressive...babykiller will like....invite ordered

Application - PinkysBrain 6120
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Application - PinkysBrain
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